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Never stop updating your resume

This is probably one of the most important blog posts that I will right. Not only is it important, it is incredibly simple and will allow you to develop a stellar resume.

Here is how most people handle updating a resume.

  1. They decide they want to look for a new position.
  2. They dust off the old resume and attempt to vaguely remember all the incredibe things they did over the years.
  3. Bullet points end up being watered down and most are not even that impressive.

This problem is due to the human brain and our thoughts of instant gratification. It is hard for us to envision what it might feel like to update a resume while we are currently happy in a position. Some of us might even find it taboo to be working on a resume while happily employed.

For the past two or so years I have treated this concept as law. NEVER STOP UPDATING YOUR RESUME. This means that as soon as you do something noteworthy at your current position, write it down somewhere. Keep a list of all of your accomplishments as you achieve them. Not only will you have this list for performance reviews, but you will also be able to grab this list when you need to write about your accomplishments in a resume. It is a simple solution for what can end up becoming a huge source of stress for most people.

I am going to keep my list right here in the blog as an example and to keep myself accountable. You can find it here

One last point. In order to never stop updating your resume, you need to also never stop learning, never stop working on side projects and never stop improving on yourself!

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