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Real Time Accomplishments

This is a running list of my accomplishments.

  • A month after I started my new position, the employee responsible for mobile development (android, ios) left the team. The apps were incomplete and still needed much work. I was tasked to take over responsibility for both mobile apps. This included scoping the remaining work and managing a small team to see that the apps were completed.

  • Worked to enhance backend security for our servers. This involved tracking ip address of every request made using spring oauth as well as implementing X-CSRF-TOKEN handling.

  • Integrated with multiple third party vendors via REST API.

  • Designed and Implemented solution to integrate and automate outbound IVR processes.

  • Responsible for implementing an in house solution for template management and customer communication.

  • Researched and implemented Flying Saucer XHTML -> PDF generator in place of PDFCrowd. Flying Saucer is an open source solution which saved the company approximately 100 dollars a month.

  • Worked with Spring Security to implement refreshing of user access token as long as user was active. This was a more secure approach than simply using the refresh token and allowed active admin users to go uninterrupted during thier sessions since each request to the backend would update the token expiration.

  • Lead developer on Early Warning System integration. Required integrating with API and implementing mutual authentication. When an issue was found during the mutual authentication process, I debugged and researched until a solution was found and integration could continue.

  • Lead backend developer for integration with TSYS under tight deadline. This included multiple accounts of refactoring as well as deciding which and how much to refactor given the deadline.

  • Responsible for implementing common jars solutions. Multiple microservices with the same dependencies were bloating our RPM package and tomcat instance. Implemented common jars solution which pulled out all common dependencies. Worked with devops and development team to update processes to include the new architecture.

  • Researched and implemented a Database Schema Manager. This was a centralized service with the single responsibility of performing all database updates. This allows all database changes to be centralized instead of spanning across multiple microservices. Worked with development and devops teams to update deployment processes.

  • Designed and implemented solution to migrate our entire contact base from an external system to our internal database. This was a three week long process and involved careful testing and the work of multiple teams (dev, qa, devops). The migration was performed during the weekend during off hours and went flawlessly. Over 60,000 contacts were migrated successfully and all functionality contiuned working after migration completed.

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